Online approval procedure VEMAGS accelerates emergency special transport

In record time, the authorities have approved the across Germany running emergency transport of special truck pumps for the damaged Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima on the nationwide used Hessian online system VEMAGS for large and heavy transport. The Hessian State Office for Road and Transportation in Wiesbaden: “The first of two special transports will take place from the factory premises of the special machinery manufacturer Putzmeister from Aichtal to the Stuttgart airport. Today, the first of four vehicles to be flown to Japan with an Antonov wide-body aircraft. ”

In Fukushima, the urgently needed special machines from Germany will first pump water for cooling into the reactor blocks, later they can then be used for concreting.

VEMAGS is the largest online approval process in Europe

The President of the Hessian State Office for Roads and Transportation, Burkhard Vieth, is proud: “Every day counts here. Through our Europe-wide leading on-line procedure VEMAGS the administration could process all necessary examinations and approvals in only few days. Normally, the approval process takes up to two weeks. I would like to thank all employees of the administrations throughout Germany for the very fast digital processing in VEMAGS. That’s how modern administration works. ”

VEMAGS is the nationwide online portal for applying for and approving large-capacity and heavy-duty transports. The system was developed on behalf of the 16 federal states and the federal government of the Hessian State Office for Road and Transportation in Wiesbaden. More than 500,000 applications have been submitted since 2007 – making VEMAGS the largest online approval process in Europe. For more than 22,000 users from more than 5,000 companies and 1,200 authorities, VEMAGS processes are processed in the central database.

Large mast pumps with lead protection, video surveillance and radio control

The State Office explained to the transported technology: “The large mast pumps are equipped with lead protection, video surveillance and radio control and are characterized by an enormous reach of almost 62 meters and six flexible articulated arms. As a result, the topmost mast arm extends over the edge of the reactor and can thus bring in the water where it is needed. Since Tuesday last week, a smaller pump of the German special manufacturer in the nuclear power plant Fukushima is in use. The German concrete pumps with special radiation protection had already proved their worth in 1986 when the Chernobyl reactor was being used. “

Limitations of “cloud computing” technology

While there are many advantages, however, cloud computing technology also has some disadvantages such as:

+ Difficult to manage and secure: Because these systems often focus on the advantages of sharing and sharing resources. From there, to implement management, security and prevention of hackers is quite difficult. In the situation that the tactics of attack, sabotage of hackers to profit more and more popular. In the future, we are sure that we will focus more on security for this cloud platform.

+ Handling the data type of obsolete data: Data storage in the cloud system for too long is one of the difficult problems. Such as at Google driver. Some user accounts store lots of files there. However, these files have not been accessed or edited and used for many years. Combining so many types of data, our storage space will be wasted.

Since then, many hosting companies often warn customers about the types of outdated data they will delete in the future to avoid wasting storage resources.

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