Cloud computing is extremely secure and much cheaper than an internal security system

In this context, rather than investing in a complete cybersecurity system, cloud computing can be a much cheaper but also more reliable alternative. Leading cloud computing players such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Oracle can not afford data leaks or other cyber attacks. In fact, these companies have the highest level of IT security in the world. This level of security applies not only to their own data, but also to that of their customers.

Thus, in addition to allowing companies to significantly reduce their expenses, cloud computing can also help to enhance security. This is one of the reasons why cloud adoption by companies in all industries has increased sharply for over 12 months now. Cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon and Google are investing heavily in the security of their infrastructure to meet this demand. The sums invested by these giants are far greater than those that ordinary businesses can afford to spend.Ransomwares: Cloud Computing Can Be the Best Security Solution

Providers surveyed intend to focus on six priority actions to support their activity in cloud computing:

– Develop value-added services (consulting, integration, managed services …);

– Propose APIs to better integrate ecosystem of SaaS solution publishers;

– Verticalize their offers (sectoral targeting);

– To bring their solutions into compliance with the requirements of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into force on May 25, 2020;

– Establish partnerships with prescribers;

– Develop their business internationally.

Market analysts, however, note that three major issues could darken the table by 2020 or at least, curb the desires of some providers in the market:

The RGPD will have an undeniable impact on the approaches of cloud computing providers:

76% of the providers questioned concede it. Among the actions they intend to take in comparison, they are 45% to consider hosting their solutions in data centers that meet the requirements of the RGPD. They also intend to strengthen their SLAs in terms of data protection on existing contracts, provide additional guarantees as to their responsibility for hosting data or standardize their solutions and/or internal processes. By not engaging in any specific associated action, 21% of the service providers surveyed, however, seem to have not yet taken the measure of the change in mentality that the RGPD induces in data processing and subcontracting relationships!

The lack of skills in cloud computing:

65% of the providers surveyed find it difficult or very difficult to recruit or find skills and talents specialized in cloud topics in France: architects, urban planners, security and cybersecurity experts, data specialists, application service integrators, lawyers, managers service contracts … One provider out of two believes that this state could generate an increase in the salaries of cloud computing specialists! To remedy this situation, interesting and original initiatives are mentioned by the providers and listed in the barometer. Providers also plan to raise their HRD’s awareness of this issue and call on the public authorities on the urgency of setting up adapted training courses.

The development of advanced technical expertise to anticipate innovative projects in the future in which the cloud will play a key role.

Indeed, among the 6 evolutions that will have a positive impact on the market by 2020, 3 concern advanced technological themes: artificial intelligence and machine learning, new mobile uses (augmented reality …) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

For Emmanuelle Olivié-Paul, Associate Director in charge of cloud computing expertise, “these three issues are closely linked and interdependent. They concern not only market providers, but also companies and administrations that use these solutions. These go back to the same issues. The cloud computing market is clearly challenged today with skills and talents. This state is not specific to the cloud. It addresses more broadly all topics related to digital transformation. ”

According to Gartner, the global cloud market, all services combined, is expected to grow by 18.5% in 2017 to exceed $ 260 billion. And the boom should continue to raise the figure to more than 411 billion in 2020.

According to an analysis on the French Datacenters market, BroadGroup if concerns about the energy capabilities of the hexagon, and in particular in the capital, remain present, this market (the 3rd in Europe) will continue to be dynamic in the coming years. Indeed, the analysis firm expects growth of 20% in m² by 2020.

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