Cloud Computing: Microsoft and Box form a partnership.

Microsoft announces a partnership with Box, the famous California cloud file storage company. From now on, both companies will each sell the services of the other, and will try to link their different products. A surprising alliance announcement, which is part of Microsoft’s strategy for developing Azure.

Microsoft has joined forces with Box, the cloud storage specialist. Together, the two firms will create new links between their products and sell new tools together. Each company will sell the products of the other. Until now rivals, Microsoft and Box will now be allies in the growing market of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing: After Amazon Web Services and IBM, Box integrates Box services into its cloud

As a reminder, Box develops a file storage service on the web, and management tools. However, these services compete head-on with Microsoft’s OneDrive and Sharepoint. Still, Microsoft will sell Box services, and Box will sell some Microsoft Azure services.

The engineering teams at both companies are also looking for a way to create links between their products. For example, Azure can be added to the Box Zones program. As a result, Box users will be able to choose to store their content in specific regions of Azure’s massive global network of data centers. Recall that Box Zones already integrated Amazon Web Services and IBM, the two competitors of Microsoft Azure. But Box says its collaboration with Microsoft will go a lot further.

Cloud Computing: Microsoft Changes Strategy to Boost Azure Growth

This partnership adds to the list of surprising alliances in the cloud computing market, totally unimaginable a few years ago on the software market. When Microsoft dominated the PC market, the company had the reputation of doing everything possible to push consumers to opt for its products, and to boycott those developed by its competitors. Now, however, the Redmond firm is prioritizing the growth of its Azure cloud computing platform.

That’s why it’s in his interest to let other companies develop services on his network of data centers and various software services. Microsoft has therefore chosen to abandon its old tactics. From now on, according to analysts, the firm believes that consumers who will use the cloud will require that the products they use work with those of other sellers.

Based in Redwood City, California, Box started as a startup founded by two students from Mercer Island. Born at the beginning of the cloud era, the firm has made a name for itself by offering web-based on-demand tools that can replicate or enhance programs that companies have been using for many years on their own. servers. Since 2015, the firm has been offering its products and services to the general public, and its sales amounted to $ 425 million in the last 12 months.

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