Government Cloud: A $ 28.85 Billion Market by 2022

According to a new report published by MarketandMarkets, the government cloud market is expected to reach $ 28.85 billion by 2022 with an annual growth rate of 13.4%. The increase in the volume of data collected and stored by governments around the world explains this explosive growth.

The government cloud market is booming. According to MarketandMarkets, its growth is linked to several factors. The main factors are lower IT costs, greater availability of relevant solutions, reduced human dependency, stronger corporate data protection, and the need for businesses to comply with new standards.

Government Cloud: Cloud Storage Meets New Government Needs

In 2017, this market is estimated at $ 15.40 billion. The segment of cloud storage represents the largest market share and should maintain this status until 2022. Due to the huge amount of data held by local, national and international government entities, the need for secure, reliable and affordable storage.

Reducing the costs of data storage, rising demand for hybrid cloud storage, instant access, mobility, and simplified deployment of cloud storage solutions are the primary drivers for growth in the cloud storage segment.

Government cloud: migration and cloud integration are booming

According to MarketandMarkets, by 2022, the government cloud market will reach a value of $ 28.85 billion. The annual market growth rate would be 13.4%. Of the different segments, integration and migration is the one that is expected to grow the fastest.

By migrating to the cloud, government organizations, like businesses, can move their software, applications, databases, infrastructure, and platforms to the cloud. Integration services solve the interoperability problems caused by these migrations.

Government Cloud: North America invests heavily

Among the different regions, North America is the one that should represent the largest share of the government cloud market with the highest growth rate until 2022. This region is indeed very dynamic in the adoption of latest technological advances such as cloud and mobile technologies in the government domain.

The main growth drivers for this region are the large investments made in the implementation of cloud infrastructures, linked to the growth of advanced applications and the need for better control and visibility mechanisms. The APAC region is in a period of growth, and should meet the highest growth rate by 2022. The proliferation of government initiatives and increased investment in cloud infrastructure are the source of this growth.

The leading vendors of government cloud solutions are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, Google, HPE, Oracle, Salesforce, Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, VMware, Verizon, CGI Group, AT & T, SAP, NetApp, Informatica, Huddle, Capgemini, CenturyLink, Citrix, Equinix, Fujitsu, NTT Data, Red Hat and NEC. In sum, the cloud market leaders also dominate the government cloud.

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